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Recycling and Salvage

Trash Outs - Property Clean Up

Furniture Trash Pick Up, Appliances, Tires And Much More.

The Junktique Collector Inc. recycles many items. We take great pride in the fact that we have recycled tons of materials over the years. We all win when we recycle! Some of the items we recycle include APPLIANCES, STEEL, LEAD, ALUMINUM, COPPER, BRASS, BATTERIES, CARDBOARD, PAPER, CLEAN ROCK AND FILL, COMPUTERS, MONITORS, TIRES, VEHICLES and MANY OTHER ITEMS.

The number of pounds recycled represents, the sorting and recycling of not only metals, paper and cardboard, but it also represents clean fill such as rock and concrete. It does not, however, represent the hundreds of tons of reusable items such as furniture, clothing and household items that we donate, reuse or resell. We try hard and are proud of our success in keeping these materials out of the landfill or the incinerator. Whether you decide to use our services or not, please recycle what you can on your own. When we recycle, we all win.

Hazardous Materials

PAINTS, CHEMICALS and HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: The Junktique Collector Inc. can arrange for and manage the removal of your hazardous materials by working with a local licensed contractor. We do not remove hazardous materials on our trucks and trailers. If you have paint, propane, or other gas tanks, gasoline, diesel, oil, flares, unknown liquids, food oils, barrels, fire extinguishers or other chemicals, please call your local city hall. Most cities, counties, and municipalities offer free drop off of hazardous materials, and some areas offer free pick up. PLEASE DISPOSE OF CHEMICALS IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER.

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